Bradt Law Offices Case Report: Ankle Injury on a Flat, Dry Floor

Type of Case: Workers’ Compensation Legal Issue or Dispute: Denial of ankle injury claim which occurred at work Facts: Our client was employed with one of the mining companies in northern Minnesota. His job duties required him to maintain and repair equipment within the facility. On the day he was injured, one of the machines... Continue Reading →


What Should I Do If I Receive a Notice of Intention to Discontinue Benefits on My Minnesota Work Comp Claim?

At some point in almost any work comp claim where you are paid wage loss benefits, you will receive a Notice of Intention to Discontinue benefits, commonly referred to as an NOID. An NOID is simply a form which the insurer is required to serve and file whenever they will be discontinuing wage loss benefits.... Continue Reading →

Bradt Law Offices Case Report: Shoulder Surgery Approved

Type of Case:   Workers’ Compensation Legal Issue or Dispute:   Denial of shoulder surgery Facts:   Our client worked for a major, nationwide retailer at a store in northern Minnesota. She fell and was injured while at work. Her orthopedic surgeon recommended shoulder surgery but the workers’ compensation insurance company refused to authorize it, claiming her shoulder... Continue Reading →

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